Saturday, February 18, 2006

Up-date from Mrs. Dweet.

At a Palo Alto hospital yesterday, Mrs. Dweet found out her latest CT scan shows the disease she carries has progressed, but not a lot. Her pulmonary function tests were essentially unchanged from the last time. There is nothing seriously wrong with her bone marrow or blood, although she is manufacturing some strange blood cells. All this is good news. The medication she’s injecting is not working, so she will finish up her current supply and stop. (One can't just return or toss away 60 bottles of precious medication valued at $843 each!)

There is some talk of an aerosol supply of this same med that has worked for some. Her doctor is finding out more about it. He has also prescribed a 6 week pulmonary rehab program that will not clear her lungs, but should make the muscles that work them more efficient. Her doctor still thinks she is qualified for and should receive bariatric surgery. The resultant weight loss should open up the bottom part of her lungs (the section that is now being compressed by extra weight). The Dweet’s will see that particular surgeon next week and ask for his input.

Spiritually speaking, she knows the Lord has given her more opportunities to share her faith because of the ugly oxygen tank she hauls around. Last week at the golf tournament, she really saw that more than ever. She wonders how she can ask that her problems be removed if the Lord is using them in a positive way? So her prayer is that she continues to see and use those opportunities to be a witness, and to remain in the center of His will for her, WHATEVER it is. And that while there, she can truly experience "the peace that passeth understanding."

Thanks to all who have expressed love and concern. Your prayers and thoughts have been an awesome blessing.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

London Calls!

Now that 49er's big mid-winter activity spree is over, it's time to begin preparing for springtime in London. England. Great Britain. The U.K.

Mrs. Dweet's longtime goal of returning once more to the mother country will soon be upon us. Many, many arrangements need to be made vis-a-vis oxygen supplies for her whilst there. But time is also being spent determining which plays starring Dame Judith Dench will still be playing, which day trips will be the most rewarding, and etc., etc., etc. It's quite fun!

Re-establishing contact with our favorite church on line 74 is in progress, too, and viewing our new hotel and it's surroundings, or "digs", via "google earth" has been a high priority.

Travel is fun. Traveling in London is great fun! The tubes, the buses, the trains, the buskers, the language differences, everything! Great fun!

Can't wait.