Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Welcome back, 7-Eleven!

7-Eleven Inc. convenience stores today took a BIG GULP and decided to drop the dreaded CITGO Petroleum as an exclusive gasoline product supplier. According to 7-Eleven "politics" played only part of the reason for this business move.

Well, welcome back, 7-Eleven! For whatever reason, your corporate determination was personally gratifying. And as soon as those dreadful red triangles can be covered over this Yank will once more feel free to pull in and gas up! Hope you hurry, 'cause the needle keeps getting lower. Score another for the good guys!


Friday, September 22, 2006


Hugo Chavez, the thug that rules Venezuela, apparently was not raised in a normal family environment, one where he could be taught the basic rules of society. How else can one explain his lapse of good sense and manners - never known to be one of his strong suits, anyway - in comments made yesterday during an ill-advised side trip in NYC.

To his good credit, US representative Charles Rangel 'gets it', but Chavez doesn't. When you're visiting your neighbors 'house', you mind your manners. Chavez didn't. He can totally disrespect the current US president - or any previous ones, for that matter, anywhere else in the world. But when he's in this country he does not have the right to publicly 'diss' our president. No matter how many US citizens might agree with him. GWB is 'our' president, and when an outsider slamw him, he slams us - all of us. So I have a message for Chavez.

"Guess what, stupid! Since you're the 'owner' of CITGO Petroleum (PDV America, Inc.), until you've apologized for your oafishness, I'm not spending any more US currency on your product. I don't really care what that might do to the nation's fuel 'supply' picture. And I also urge others to consider how they spend their own hard-earned money - and who it supports!"

Using the last thirty years or so of congressional ineptitude, neglect and personal political posturing working against prudent long-term national petroleum policy development issues as a guide, it must not be very important on a societal basis, anyway.

Why the US military still does business with CITGO in their base exchanges I'll never understand. Oh, yeah, I forgot the dichotomy of "military intelligence'. Now I get it.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

A brief explanation

This probably needs to be dealt with. Since his gastric bypass surgery last fall, 49erDweet has lost a lot of weight! Many of his friends first noticed a change at one of his annual special events this past February. And as time goes by, that change has become much, much more radical. As of this month the total weight loss has exceeded 110 pounds, and by next February should be even more!

At a recent special event where he works each year quite a few volunteers walked right past in the entrance to the hospitality tent without recognizing him! Which for him was fun, but for them quite surprising when they suddenly heard his voice and turned around - only to gawk.

So if you run into him don't be overly concerned about his 'gaunt appearance'. He has not been "ill", and is feeling great! 49er's overall health has dramatically improved, and for an old geezer he gets around much better than before - mainly because he isn't carrying around the body of another person all the time. If you're truly curious, feel free to ask him about the experience when you find time. For him the subject is not taboo!


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Life's Phases

A comment left today on Toward Jerusalem forces me to spell out on this blog the following inventory of my life's "phases" - all occurring after 4 years of military service during the Korean war.

Peace officer/supervisor 5 years
Automotive service adviser/manager 6 years
Weekly newspaper editor/photographer 3 years
Solid waste business manager/supervisor 5 years
Transportation manager/supervisor 11 years
Retail/Advertising sales 4 years
State DMV technician/license examiner/manager 17 years

Others may see some type of trend here, but each of these fields were different enough that they challenged my interest and intellect while providing an acceptable level of living for my family. And for all of that I thank God.

As to the question "could I have done 'better' just sticking to one field?", I have no way of knowing the true answer, but my feeling is that only a couple of them might have qualified in that category, and at this point in life there is no sense worrying too much on that point!

Don't be afraid to redirect your interests. God has a way of using you whereever you decide to be. And it's fun to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your mind!