Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Nature photos from the UK

A blogging friend, Q, recently posted several neat photos of a family of ducks, including one particularly brave duckling, while the ducks were on a day outing swimming in a Canadian canal. Several folks commented on the pics and there occurred some discussion as to the proper genus duckus of his subjects.

Which reminded me of the 200 plus photos Mrs. Dweet took during our recent UK holiday. (Notice, please, all 49er is claiming to have done here was make sure the photographer got on and off the proper trains and buses so as to complete the trip. Nothing else). But from comments received since our return the photos seem to hold a certain general interest, therefore a few are being posted here - along with some obviously uninformed comments. Most of these photos were taken at Leeds Castle, which has a large, charming "Duckery" lying astraddle its mile long entrance path.

I'm assuming this first bird is a wood duck drake or hen, but could not prove it if challenged.

This guy wanted nothing more than a early afternoon siesta, and the warm sun sure made that idea seem inviting.

The graceful Black Swan, imported from its native Australia, has been the official bird of Leeds Castle for decades.

This mystery bird is dramatically beautiful, but we don't know what it is.

One of many colorful peacocks strolling the grounds.
All photos © 2006 suzikayatpacbellnet.

And lastly, this proud fellow made sure EVERYONE got the opportunity to take plenty of great photos of his distinctive plumage. A rare sight, there were actually two albino peacock families on the castle grounds.

Well, that's all for now. Maybe later I'll post two more of Mrs. Dweet's outstanding UK photos - one an exterior shot of Leeds Castle itself, and the other of the intricate ceiling works inside Bath Abbey. Many of our friends thought she'd purchased professional shots for these. But that will have to wait for later.


Stephen (aka Q) said...

Excellent photos, Mrs. Dweet!

We have black swans in the Rideau River: they were a gift from the Queen on some occasion or other. Seeing the photo enables me to connect the royal dots between the Rideau River and Leeds Castle.

49erDweet said...

There's a lot to say for "tradition", isn't there? The internet - and travel - (and truth-be-told Google Earth, too), have really opened our eyes to an extended national heritage.

So from Colonial Williamsburg to Windsor Castle, gaining a little more understanding of how things were done "back then" by following those royal dots helps explain some of the "why's". And it's fun, too.


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Bath Abbey rocks.

Peacocks do not. I got pecked by one as a child. Now I have an irrational fear of them.

Sadie Lou said...

That albino peacock is the bee's knees. I really like that photo. The bird has a fantasy-ish quality.

49erDweet said...

Yes, utmg, Bath Abbey does indeed 'rock'. Thanks for reminding me to post a few more of my honey's pics.

Peacocks can sure be intimidating to little folks. Sort of 'farmyard bullys', as it were. Still, in my experience not as bad as geese. But I suppose that can vary with the locale, too.

I agree with you (again) sl, in fact the descriptive word I thought of is "surreal".