Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A brief glimpse into the future

One obvious sign of 49er's advanced dotage is a personal inability to fully appreciate "rock concerts". No offense intended, nor is there an intent to be (dreaded word warning) "judgmental". Just really don't understand the entire scene.

Do appreciate chorale recitals, barbershop quartet galas, Gaither homecomings, jazz festivals and golden oldies celebrations, so it might just be an acquired taste thing - or else personal weirdness finally settling in.

An exception to this could be the just-completed original annual Spirit West Coast event held three days each summer at Laguna Seca Recreation Area (and race track) in Monterey County. (A junior version is also held earlier each year at Del Mar race track in SoCal). At least 59 Christian musical groups, including newsboys and Audio Adrenaline (in their final, farewell performance) were scheduled this year to perform one hour 'sets' (mini-concerts) on one or more of the many stages set-up around the grounds. The hills surrounding the track literally "rang" with the echoed sound of praise music. Three days last week were filled to the brim (and overflowing) with what could be called really contemporary Christian music.

For the past three years 49er has volunteered to shuttle physically challenged guests and volunteers back and forth from the parking or camping areas of Laguna Seca to the various event venues by means of an adaptive stretched-out golf cart - one of a crew of about two dozen souls working (in shifts) from before the gates open in the morning until almost 1 AM each night. Making sure those in wheelchairs or with other mobility limiting physical conditions are able to participate in this unique celebration of Christian music and faith. Contemporary Christian music! Modern Christian music! Loud Christian music! REALLY LOUD Christian music! Even Christian rap! And good preachin', too!

This is really a kids event. After all, who else enjoys camp ground life as much as kids? Of course family members, adult youth leaders, and others are there - they do encourage day visitors, too - but it's the kids that really make this event special. And if this glimpse of today's young folk accurately depicts the Christian segment of the next generation, western civilization is in for some great times - if we survive (of course) and all other millenial things happen to work themselves out.

The kids there at Spirit West Coast were rowdy - and polite. Loud - and reverent. Aggressive - and meek. Assertive - and patient. Intelligent - and seeking knowledge. Made this old geezer wish he had demonstrated the same characteristics in his adolescense.

If you want your offspring to develop more mature spiritual and moral values consider taking them to next year's 'concert'. It can close the generation gap in your family and change their - and your - lives.



Sadie Lou said...

I have always wanted to go to that. Well, ever since I became a Christian. The thing I don't "get" is camping. I can't stand it. I despise dragging all my clean stuff outdoors to get dirty and smelly.
My husband takes the children camping and that's just fine with me. When they get back, I always wash their clothes and bedding as it's almost impossible to get that grunge out of the pillowcases.
So I guess between you not getting rock concerts and me not liking camping--we're not that suited for Spirit West Coast...

49erDweet said...

Yeah, 'camping' and I are not on civil terms, either, so we can agree on that. Fortunately for SWC they also accommodate the overnight "parking" of over a thousand RV's of all shapes and sizes, and this time of year there is no shortage of available reasonable motel space in a ten mile radius of the track.

So when your kids get old enough, save up for two sets of earplugs and 'rough it' at a Best Western. It will still be a memory-maker and life-changer.

Btw, sl, enjoy your PV holiday. Sounds like a blast!

Stephen (aka Q) said...

So this is how you stay so young-at-heart, 49er. I wondered what your secret was!

49erDweet said...

Possibly that's the reason, but I've always thought it was most likely because I just haven't "grown-up" yet - sort of a delayed Y chromosome defect thing.

It doesn't hurt to marry a 'honey' 18 years one's junior, either.