Friday, September 22, 2006


Hugo Chavez, the thug that rules Venezuela, apparently was not raised in a normal family environment, one where he could be taught the basic rules of society. How else can one explain his lapse of good sense and manners - never known to be one of his strong suits, anyway - in comments made yesterday during an ill-advised side trip in NYC.

To his good credit, US representative Charles Rangel 'gets it', but Chavez doesn't. When you're visiting your neighbors 'house', you mind your manners. Chavez didn't. He can totally disrespect the current US president - or any previous ones, for that matter, anywhere else in the world. But when he's in this country he does not have the right to publicly 'diss' our president. No matter how many US citizens might agree with him. GWB is 'our' president, and when an outsider slamw him, he slams us - all of us. So I have a message for Chavez.

"Guess what, stupid! Since you're the 'owner' of CITGO Petroleum (PDV America, Inc.), until you've apologized for your oafishness, I'm not spending any more US currency on your product. I don't really care what that might do to the nation's fuel 'supply' picture. And I also urge others to consider how they spend their own hard-earned money - and who it supports!"

Using the last thirty years or so of congressional ineptitude, neglect and personal political posturing working against prudent long-term national petroleum policy development issues as a guide, it must not be very important on a societal basis, anyway.

Why the US military still does business with CITGO in their base exchanges I'll never understand. Oh, yeah, I forgot the dichotomy of "military intelligence'. Now I get it.



Bill said...

I am no fan of Hugo Chavez or the polemics his type spouts. Diplomacy says you treat any leader with respect even if you disagree with them, that makes a good statesman. However your comment "When you're visiting your neighbors 'house', you mind your manners" does not apply.

The Headquarters of the United Nations located on the East side of Manhattan, is an international zone belonging to all Member States. Chavez was not in America when he openned his big mouth.

Surounded by it maybe, but not in it. America does not own those precious 18 acres on Manhattan the world does.

49erDweet said...

In one sense, bill, you are correct. But am I, too, not part of the world? Was he not in my house, too? And totally rude? If we can agree he was, then my message still stands.

So lets pretend early last year I had been in any one of the numerous foreign embassies located across from Parliament Hill down Metcalfe street in Ottawa, - each one of which is surely NOT part of CA just as the UN is not part of the US. Whilst there supposing I had called a news conference for which (this is getting way too theoretical) somehow a CBC crew had shown up and decided to broadcast me expressing my personal and unflattering opinions of Mr. Martin. Would you not be justified as classifying me as another 'rude American'? I may have technically been in some other country but I would have been speaking in such a way that could be too plainly heard throughout your 'house'. To have done so would have been rude.

So IMO when Mr. Chavez was in "my" (and your) house, where both of us could too plainly hear him, he was simply - and stupidly - rude. And for me to continue to contribute in any way to his 'commercial' success reduces me to being just as feckless as he.