Sunday, March 25, 2007

London West End Theatre Reviews

During the past fortnight Mrs. Dweet and 49er were pleased to be entertained by several London plays. For those visiting the UK soon and wondering what others think of the offered fare, herewith a short review on each.

The Lady from Dubuque. Starring Dame Maggie Smith. At the Haymarket. 2 Acts. ˜**** First act a little tense. Second act brilliantly funny and dramatic. Plot resolution a little weird. Good fun.

The History Boys. Large cast. At the Wyndhams. 3 Acts.
* Don't waste your time/money. Exposes basic intellectual dishonesty and perverted mindset of elitist UK houses of higher education. 15% of the dialog in the first act rendered in French.

Boeing-Boeing. Cast of six. At the Comedy. 3 Acts.
**** Classic comedy, very well done. Lots of fun and interesting plot twists.

The 39 Steps.
Cast of 4 cover over a dozen roles. At the Criterion. 3 Acts. ***** Based on classic Hickcock movie. Comedic-drama! Exciting stagecraft and plot twists. Great fun!

Guys and Dolls. Starring Don Johnson. At the Piccadilly 3 Acts.
**** Traditional version of classic musical, except with modern stagecraft. Very well done. Worth it. Closes April 14.

Treats. Starring Billy Piper. At the Garrick. 3 Acts.
*** Classic love-triangle plot. Not very interesting and pretty predictable. Conclusion is muddy. Excellent set, though.

Hope some of this helps.


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