Saturday, November 01, 2008

From the UK - a conservative manifesto

H/t to Samizdata for this eight year old manifesto by Sean Gabb on his strategy for conservatives "taking back" governance of their island nation. It will take a few minutes to read, and some of Gabb's examples and situations may not exactly fit, but it's amazing how apropos his ideas are to the current US situation. Who'd a thunk it? Is the UK today where we're going to be tomorrow? Scary thought.

The most difficult task for Yank conservatives to do, I suppose, is to come to the point where we comfortably consider liberals as an "Enemy Class". But Gabb is spot on. Members of the Enemy Class have thought of conservatives in the US as enemies for several decades, only we right-wingers have been too modest or polite to acknowledge this dirty little point. Its time for a reality check. Whether one is carrying an AK-47, a typewriter or a video camera, a person who wants to destroy my way of life is an enemy - and I need to accept that if I'm going to do my job and protect my family.

Gabb has a list of suggested action points once a conservative sweep occurs in the UK. Below is my US version:
Within 30 days of conservatives coming to power:
Abolish the following executive departments: Agriculture; Commerce; Education; Energy; Health and Human Services; Housing and Urban Development; Interior; Labor; State; and Transportation.
All agencies, commissions, boards, councils and committees associated with those departments would be closed. Whole divisions of other departments would be scrutinized and many, like the Internal Revenue Service, abruptly shut down. We should likewise stop federal funding of the tasks associated with these defunct departments and agencies to local governments.
At the same time, we should abolish all other statutory agencies not directly associated with the departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Justice and Treasury. This would include all "self-financing regulatory agencies", without exception. We should abolish the functions, destroy the records, sell off the physical assets, and discharge people by the hundreds of thousands. Termination and pension rights would be respected according to law, but during the termination cycle seniority could not be taken into account outside one's own department or agency. At least a half of the federal government should no longer exist after our first month in power.
There's much more to his plan. Is it radical? Sure. But read Gapp's entire thing and let me know if you agree or disagree with his take. Fun stuff.

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