Friday, June 03, 2005

Why "Minding the Gap"?

This ubiquitous sign appears on platforms everywhere at "tube" stations such as this on the London Underground. Even more alarming, the warning notice is audibly repeated by means of automated or real-time public address announcements on loudspeakers at virtually all of the railway stations in the United Kingdom.

Gaps between trains and platforms can indeed be dangerous. But even greater than the hazard of uneven spaces afoot between railcars and station platforms are the differences separating our dreams from reality. The disparity between what we intend to do, versus what is eventually done. There-in lies an interesting and challenging "gap"; a space whose exploratory analysis could prove immensely profitable to a careful sifter of fact.

This web log is loosely dedicated to considering the human drama created when we attempt to bridge the vast gap between our collective triumphs and universal failures, all the while urgently living out our lives in this common endeavor. Minding gaps may sometimes prove to be a pundit's delight.
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Canadi-anna said...

I wondered about the name. Very cool explanation.

Canadi-anna said...

Hi again -- you've been 'book tagged'.