Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Working through the fog

Have been absent too long from this site due to recent scary health issues concerning my beloved. Out of a clear, blue sky - typical almost year round in the afternoons in the Monterey Bay area - came major bad stuff - known as PAP, a rare pulmonary disorder. But God has been good and we are out of the first set of woods and now waiting on pending visits to the west coast version of the fount of all medical knowledge for further instructions and care. So far the gap seems to be almost manageable.

Will update this situation here as events unfold. Will also try to get caught up on pending 'stuff' at my earliest. Have passed off major duties for two upcoming volunteer activities to gifted, hard-working and intelligent people, and should be able to just step in at the last minute as the events occur and take all the credit for their successes without having had to break a sweat. Well, it COULD happen that way!

Great post today from New Sisyphus. Classic refutation of the gap between reality and the illogical Liberal position vis-a-vis Iraq and Bush. A must read if you want to clearly understand why we should NEVER announce a timetable for the conclusion of events in Iraq. Any thinking person knows this, but - after all - Liberalism is a mental disorder. Why else are so many demanding a "timetable?"

Our northern C(A)ousins are preparing for their own version of "Alice in Wonderland" as their parliament takes one step closer to a permanent gap by adopting SSM as the law of their land. See this. Query: Is it really true Canadian churches will be required under law to perform marriages on individuals with whom they are out of fellowship? Even those who are in revolt to a body's statement of faith? Will try to get that answered, but talk about a scary issue? We may be seeing droves of Pastors and Elders and Trustees and Deacons and Bishops and Priests going to prison in the near North. Talk about civil disobedience. And of course we'll see a large number of "social Christian" church leaders [why do they insist on shaming His name?] announcing their compliance with this latest feel-good government religious dogma, too.

CAUTION: Some comments on the linked sites may not be suitable for reading, or may have been posted on the sites after my linkage and are therefore beyond this author's knowledge or control.

Also recommended: Daily, before anything else, read Backup Belmont Club for astute and reasoned "history and history in the making". Brilliant work by Wretchard the Cat who seems to be able to chew gum, think and write intelligently at the same time, without attempting to constantly prove his own ego. His ability to identify and neutralize gaps is simply amazing.

If you are still reading a daily newspaper for the news, (other than sports or comics) or watching the evening newscast on one of the locals, and think you are "in the know" about what is going on in the world, go back to sleep. It is probably too late for you. Nothing broadcast or printed by the MSM in the past dozen years has been straight news. News is now "opinionized" for your edification and amazement by people who know much better than do you just how things should be 'going down'. So go to sleep. And meanwhile, watch the gap expand between what is said, and reality.

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