Wednesday, September 21, 2005

People With Too Much Time and Money on Their Hands

In what can only happen when the collective mind suffers too many attacks from the "slings and arrows" of modern big city living, New 'Yawkers' are currently being treated to the inspiring view of a barge disquised as an 'island' being drug around by a tug boat in the waters off NYC. Read it and wonder at the mind set that sees a significant societal 'benefit' from this experimental art form.

Now if they would only charge an admission fee for an hour's ride on the floating hay bales, the idea might turn out to be of some use. But the 'artsy' mind doesn't appreciate the commercial value of that type of thing. Too practical.

1 comment:

Dave at Garfield Ridge said...

That's art? Gimme a break. Where's the medical waste? The elephant dung? The crucifix in urine?

They need to try harder.