Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Saints Go Marching On

Just finished reading a piece at the LA Times website. 1. This is unusual because their site is normally only open by subscription; and 2. By principle I refuse to register for any subscription news site, so do not waste much time reading news I consider universally biased and too far out on the left for my taste. (This system works surprisingly well). And 3. It was sports news. (That might be why it was free).

What I read was a fresh story about the New Orleans Saints, which by definition are a US based National Football League football team formerly based in New Orleans, Louisiana, which once upon a time existed somewhere between the Mississippi gulf coast and Galveston, Texas. Before some woman named Katrina blew into town and sort of wrecked things. But I digress.

Many of you reading this blog do not know much of anything about the National Football League OR the New Orleans Saints football team. The writer does not know very much about the NFL or the ‘Saints’, as they are lovingly referred to by some three hundred or so faithful fans. But I do know they need more fans. And since they are from (accent on the from) New Orleans, I’d like to suggest a fun experiment. One we can all play and enjoy. Even the kiddies. And the vicar. (Extra points when you involve the vicar).

The experiment is “Let’s everybody get together, regardless of which sports team we really, really like, and for one full football season make the New Orleans Saints “North America’s Team” (as contrasted to the Dallas Cowboys whom some marketing genius years ago labeled “America’s Team”, even though they weren’t and still aren’t.

Here is a link to the story that today inspired me so fatefully. And here is a link to some information about the team. Those of you who join in and faithfully swear or affirm we will on our honor support and respect the on the field efforts of the 2005 New Orleans Saints Football Team will be eligible to win huge prizes after a gigantic post-season raffle drawing (void where prohibited) in front of a community Red Cross office somewhere, or in the parking lot of a Salvation Army post, whichever at the time seems most convenient or appropriate.

Prizes will not be limited to just an all expense underwater tour for two of the former New Orleans superdome, but may actually be limited to simulated rides for four through the eye of an artificial hurricane in authentic replicas of U.S. Hurricane hunting aircraft. Thrilling, isn’t it?

So everybody clear your calendars for the next !@~ months, and come back here every week for an enlightening discussion of just what football is, at least in the NFL’s point of view, and we jointly learn how to be brainless sports fans just like those in Boston and Edmonton, (unless, of course, you live in Boston or Edmonton – and then we’ll be emulating people who live in Chicago or Green Bay – a state just south of Saskatchewan).

There is no charge to participate in this fun event, but think of the 'discussion points' you'll accumulate, allowing you to show off in front of the ladies as you 'hang' around the cracker barrel at a Tim Horton's, or sip your double latte at Starbucks. Simply Priceless!

Our next post will discuss what is usually called "the game coming up this week-end", with enough information that it might actually hit you somewhat like a too-fragrant shrimp louis from an overly hyped french quarter cafe. Stay tuned and tell your friends! They will be excited to be part of history in actually cheering for a down and out American team.

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