Monday, February 26, 2007

"Cowboys of the Sea"

For those interested, son of 49er has apparently been spotted in previews of an hour long National Geographic channel special scheduled to be broadcast tonight on the west coast at 6 and 9 PM. Check schedules in your area for details. Last summer BUMPER crewed for a few weeks on the "Ms. Liz" out of Naknek, Alaska, going after sockeye salmon in Bristol Bay. He will be the handsome one.
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49erDweet said...

Well, if you watched, he was also the absent one. Apparently, the best close-up shots of the "Ms. Liz" were pre-July 4th, the evening son finally arrived in Naknek for the season.

The shows two featured skippers are friends and former crew-members of son, and our family spent the evening whooping and hollering at the various troubles one ill-fated vessel endured while the others were reeling in a money crop. More-or-less.

If you want to see pro-longed chaos at it's highest level of intensity, see "Cowboys of the Sea" on the National Geographic Channel when it airs again.

Stephen said...

I didn't see the post until now, but I guess I didn't miss anything. I suspect your story would merit an hour on the biography channel, but I guess no one has approached you about that yet.