Friday, April 14, 2006

Spoke too soon

Re: Arghhhhhh!!!, below, spoke too soon. Phone company can't fix the DSL internet access problem until there are no clounds in the sky within a hundred mile radius, apparently. They call it "storm damage", and since the outage only affects the data lines of a couple of folk are not interested in fixing it until they are good and ready. Totally frustrating. It only "up" about two or three hours a day - on average - and there's no predicting just which hours those might be.

So posting, etc., will be lite until it's over, or when I switch over to another provider on our return from the UK in early May.

Cannot believe the low level of customer service communications am experiencing with SBC! What total failures! All they would have to do is phone me, but they apparently no longer believe it is important to do that. Losers!


Stephen (aka Q) said...

Sorry to hear about your trouble, 49er. I guess there are bigger problems in life, but we get pretty attached to our internet access!

49erDweet said...

Yes, that's for sure, Q. Thankfully we had looked up or arranged for pretty much everything we wanted to do in London ahead of time, but it sure is lousy not having reliable access just before a holiday trip!

But to put everything in perspective, it is merely a nuisance, not a castastrophe.

We are almost packed and looking forward to a Wednesday early afternoon departure - flying the northern route from SFO to LHR over your 'neck of the woods', as it were!

(Each room in our hotel has hi-speed internet access, so maybe I'll take the laptop and be able to troll some there, late at night. Or not)!


Stephen (aka Q) said...

All the best to you, 49er. I hope you and the missus have a wonderful time.

Sadie Lou said...

my husband works for SBC and ever since they merged with AT&T he has noticed a change in the customer service. My hubby is a phone tech and by the time he goes to service someone's phone, they are all mad about their morning's conversations with the company.

49erDweet said...

Thanks for that info, sadie lou.

I learned long ago the problems created by the bigger corporations were not caused by the folk doing the actual work. They were almost always due to middle management not telling upper management what is actually going on with their business. So I'll keep squawking in hopes somebody in upper management will actually catch wind of my rant and be curious enough to do something.

Funny thing is, on February 12th I casually visited for about 20 minutes with the CEO of SBC and the boss lady of AT&T during the closing rounds of the AT&T Pro-Am on the 18th green at Pebble Beach - while waiting for a few mandatory photo ops with the eventual tournament winner. If only I had known then what would be happening later. But I was just being nice, THEN.

btw, I'm actually commenting on this from an all-night internet cafe on Praed Street near Edgware Road in the Marylebone District of London, W1, and have no way of knowing whether my DSL connection at home has finally been fixed or not. So when I arrive home Tuesday night I guess we will find out, or not.

If it would ever interest either of you, contact me if your hubby and you ever want to attend the company namesake pro-am in mid-February.

Sadie Lou said...

If it would ever interest either of you, contact me if your hubby and you ever want to attend the company namesake pro-am in mid-February.

Sorry I didn't check back on this. I forget where I've been in blog-land sometimes...
Good think I'm not that spacey in real life!
Thanks for the invite. I can't wait to show your DSL posts to my hubby.