Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Who ARE these people?

Ran into this story and headline on MSNBC's web site today, courtesy of the trusty old MSN Explorer home page, and immediately thought, "Don't they know how to spell 'razed'"? Meaning 'leveled'? 'Cause after all, we all know that many flood-damaged homes in New Orleans have to be eventually demolished and rebuilt, right?

But no. Lo and behold the authors of the story and headline did mean "raised", as in 'elevated'. They just didn't seem to "get" that a major and repeated portion of their story was based on a homophone that could be confusing to many readers.

UPDATE: MSNBC themselves must have realized the problem, because since I first read the story they have added a new sub-headline about "hiking" the houses one to three feet.

Who ARE these people at MSNBC? And how did they get this far along into so-called modern "journalism" without displaying more awareness of nuances in the English language? Am I the only one who sees a "gap" in the information related by this story and it's execution in prose?

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