Friday, November 10, 2006

A Brit "gets it"!

Interesting commentary by Gerard Baker in the Times on line in the UK concerning US election results. Read the entire thing for the full flavor of his reasoning, but IMO he's pretty spot on. Which is nice to see. Here is a sample . . .
As the only living Englishman who doesn’t regard the modern Republican party as the Devil’s Spawn, I might be expected to be in mourning today. On the contrary. This was mostly a good week.

The first and most obvious reason for optimism is the confirmation of Tuesday’s elections that democracy works. Republicans lost not because the American people have suddenly seen the wisdom of the collective leadership of the European Union or the editorial pages of the world’s press but because they deserved to lose
Good intellectual analysis is really fun to consider. Thanks, Gerard Baker, for bringing back a little joy this week.


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49erDweet said...

A personal note. 49er was encouraged to find this commentary (can't remember who furnished the h/t), and only wishes more of his friends or readers from around the world would comprehend the US political mindset as well as Mr. Baker.

It boggles one's mind to continue to observe the double-standard most foreign observers apply to US versus other nations' or UN actions. The shortest memories in the world seem to forget the US is just not imperialistic in nature. We are idealistic instead. Probably too much so. Whatever we do or wherever we go, we eventually want to leave that place in a "better" way. Even when we've failed, that has been our intent.

Nothing said is meant to excuse the fact that many national and international corporations have attempted to benefit financially from our national mindset and activities. They quite obviously have. That said, assigning a corporate motive to US actions is simply knee-jerk reactionarianism, not well thought out analysis. IMHO.