Saturday, November 11, 2006

Two Year Tactical Plan

Thanks to Bob Orr of either orr, who has suggested seven strategies conservatives should be considering putting into effect the next two years. They are, briefly
  • Challenge demos to come up with a real plan.
  • Encourage repubs to return to their basics.
  • Expose real demo weaknesses.
  • Waken the rearguard to search for closet skeletons.
  • Develop a knowledgable 'shadow' government.
  • Encourage and develop viable 08 candidates.
  • Don't fear intraparty disagreements.
49er is adding an eighth tactic to that list.
  • Encourage newly elected demos who might be a tad less liberal than old-guard "Pelosi-ites" to think and act for themselves. To not become dhimmocratic zombies.
Stretching opposing party discipline has always been a rewarding tactic. We conservatives should not be adverse to politely practicing this ancient artform. The results to our nation could be well worth it!


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