Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Why 49er's happy his team lost - if you care

Possibly its a reflection of his own personal political death wish, but when the national republican party morphed itself (in less than a decade) into some kind of a "republicat" party, it brings glee to him now to see so many of his like-kind shot in the foot - and elsewhere - and thrown out of office by so many national voters! Good show! Spot on!

If the people wanted unethical slime balls in office they've always been able to vote for democrats. As in the old Bop Hope movie, democrats have been shown to stand around, idly, like zombies not knowing what to say or do very well, and they've done an excellent job of capturing that particular share of the market. For so many elected republicats to think they could simply take democrats' places in that environment was not only foolish and short-sighted, but incredibly stupid. Since big government doesn't work very well, why continue to "grow" a larger - but still dyfunctional - government. Dumb!

For over two decades now republicans have been being elected by voters to "govern", but in the past twelve years too many of them have only found time to prove they are as slimy as democrats, some even more so. We don't need two slimy parties. So the nation has now chozen to return to the original, patented-protected slime balls. Well done! Good choice.

The party that represents every weird and short-sighted agenda in the world has proven in the interval since the Truman years that it can't govern. So democrats now have a short window of opportunity to somehow show they've changed. News flash! They have, but not for the better! The next two years will bring us even more political disasters.

49er's prediction is the surviving republicans will shortly winnow out republicats from places of responsibility within their midst, retake the party helm, and prepare to resume "governing" in two years when voters have grows bored with weirdness, etc. per se, and throw those bums out - again. Let's hope the surviving and newly chosen republicans have learned to appreciate their roots a little more than has been recently shown. Repeat after me, "Less government is better government". Now go write it on the board 100 times. And relearn the humility rule. One is never as good or as smart as one thinks. No matter what one's mother says.


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Bill said...

You know I can't agree with your assessment of democrats as slime but that is another debate. I just wanted to say that your assessment of the current republican party seems accurate for the most part. I can respect a republican that truly believes in the traditional republican line, even if I don't agree But these boys are loosing touch with what it is to be republican. Nixon was a crook but at least he was a republican one these guys are just opportunists with dreams of grandeur dreams which seem to be fading..

49erDweet said...

In all honesty, bill, I have to agree with you. All of them aren't "slimy". Particularly a few of them who are family members. (Joke).

But it was my rant so I got it out of my system. It is only a small percentage, true, but so many of them who are slimy are from the least coast or the Cali political scene, and that just fries my bacon!

I fully support needed government programs, etc. But I also believe the further goverment is removed from the people, the more expensive, less responsive and LESS RESPONSIBLE for bad results it becomes. So if something can be done by the locals, it should. If not them, then the county or parrish. If not them, then the state. Finally, all else failing, the feds.

But that principle is quickly forgotten when a few slimy politicians think they see a personal political advantage to promulgating a national solution to a local or regional problem. That burns me.

I worked on the state level (DMV) and met federal guidelines. But time and time again our own standards and practices far surpassed the feds. When we had to "dumb down" what we were doing to make some slime ball in DC happy it just fried me! But then I've always been unreasonable.

Heard today that California with her population and GNP is now the worlds sixth largest political and economic entity. Interesting. The original 49ers should have remained independent, I guess.


Stephen said...

Democrats have been shown to stand around, idly, like zombies not knowing what to say or do very well.

I know, you're ranting after a bad election result, so I will take your remarks with the requisite grain of salt.

But I must say, competent leaders don't come in only one brand. I hated Reagan, but history has judged his presidency as a noteworthy success in key areas. Similarly, Clinton may have the sexual mores of a cat in heat … but he oversaw sustained economic growth. He was doing something right there!

History won't have many kind things to say about the Bush administration. What are his successes?

On a bit of a tangent … I always thought it was good for the Democrats to lose the last presidential election. Otherwise, they would now be left holding the bag for the Iraq mess. Now it is obvious to everyone that the mess is 100% the responsibility of the Bush administration.

And it looks good on him — Rummy, Cheney, GWB himself. Wear it with distinctions, guys!

49erDweet said...

Yes, I have been enjoying my rant. True.

And I fully acknowlege slime comes in all packages, so will now tone that down.

I've thought for a long time the mistake made in Iraq was not in going IN, but rather not in intially setting up a one year (or 18 month deadline) for withdrawal, and putting the eventual onus for cleaning up what was left on the backs of the UN. Mainly for being such weasels in enforcing their meaningless resolutions.

And when the time came, withdraw. Whatever the UN did then would have probably have been the same, but would be a shared result, rather than our own. The world would not have liked it, I know, but in my view that's just tough. Sorry if that offends you.

No matter what other's think, including my own daughter, IMO it was never the oil. It was the continually articulated (and potential) THREAT of terrorism that tipped the balance. All else was fluff.


Stephen said...

I'm currently reading Woodward's "State of Denial". It's clear that Rumsfeld wasn't attending to the postwar plan, although the Department of Defence was responsible for it.

Garner preferred a scenario like Afghanistan, where Karzai was installed in office ASAP. Instead, the failure to plan for a transition to Iraqi control resulted in an ongoing American occupation of Iraq.

There's more to it than that — much more. The overall picture is that Rumsfeld in particular was incompetent in this respect, however much credit you may give him for his reformation of the American military.

Doing better on the postwar effort might have made a big difference, both to Iraqis and in the eyes of the international community. It's going to be hard to set things right now.

49erDweet said...

Sadly (to me) what you say makes more and more sense. From post 90 days GWII on was in many ways a failure. (As was the sealing off of Syria thingee). Both of those situations were IMHO "foreseeable", ergo Rummy failed that part of the exam.

Woodward is interesting and tries very hard to be accurate with facts, but I still doubt his personal objectivity. If he would only acknowledge his biases, it would vastly improve his believability. Too much water under the bridge I'm afraid. (No, I don't blame him for Nixon. That one was on tricky dick).

Cheers, stephen