Monday, October 27, 2008

So HERE's what we're looking forward to?

Scroll down just a bit to get to the meat of this scathing piece posted by Mark Steyn over 10 years ago pointing out not only the abject and foreseeable failure of Canada's highly vaunted nationalized socialized health care system, but also the leading part that very system played in worsening Toronto's public health - to the point of shamefully causing several needless deaths. And Canadian politicians, of course, then sprung to the system's defense rather than try to "fix it" in order to protect it's users - our northern neighbors, real Canadians.

Is this what we have to look forward to in solving the "health care crisis"? On that point, here's a post by statistician William M. Briggs - accompanied by an eye-opening chart - that posits there may not even actually be a "crisis" per se. It might all simply be a change in perspective. Boggles the mind. For another perspective see this.

Here's what I do know about "free" things. They are considered to be not as valuable as those for which we pay, and thus are more easily or casually wasted. I'm concerned that a so-called "free" health care will absolutely turn out by itself to cost more than the system we have now. Without being "better".

Add to that the administrative cost of the system being run by a bureaucratic government entity and things can only become worse. Tell me again. Why is this a desireable "change"?

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