Monday, October 20, 2008

Who is the Liar? Or does truth no longer matter?

16 proven lies from the lips of Senator Obama

For at least seven years - or maybe even more - literally thousands of bloggers [including a few friends] and commenters from all over the world have with virtual impunity and a straight face been calling president George W. Bush a "liar".

Now it looks like the shoe may have moved to the "other foot". A writer from McLean, Virginia, has written a thoughtful and well-documented piece that highlights well over a dozen outright lies from the democrat's presidential candidate. But nobody on a national level seems to care.

Apparently, all this time the tactic of calling the oppostion leader a "liar" has been a well-thought-out strategy meant to immunize the vox populi against the next truth denier to come down the pike. The opposition's own. And it's working! People no longer care if politicians lie. They are almost expected to do so. As evidence, here is the cited letter listing far too many proven outright lies and almost again as many factual distortions from the lips of the current democrat candidate, senator Barack Obama.

Read the entire missive, please, but here's my partial summary:

Lied about relationship with Bill Ayers

Lied about relationship with Tony Resko

Lied about what was heard from the pulpit of Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Lied about what he had said earlier re: foreign leaders and meeting preconditions

Lied about what he had forecast earlier as the "failure" of the surge

Lied about what he said about voting against funding for the troops

Lied when he claimed to have a record of “working with republicans”

Lied in February about talking to an army “captain” “the other day”

Lied when he claimed to have been a “professor of constitutional law”

Lied when he claimed that John McCain voted for a tax increase on those making as little as $42,000 per year

Lied when he said he had “always” been for more oil production and nuclear power

Lied about the reason for changing his mind about public financing for his campaign

Lied about John McCain supposedly voting against additional funding for troops

Lied about John McCain voting against funding for alternative energy sources

Lied about John McCain voting “with” George W. Bush 90% of the time when he knows most democrats also voted that way 90% of the time. In fact, the only reason he does not have a similar record is because he has been missing from the Senate so much while "running for office"

Lied about the reasons for his failure to take an active role in the recent financial rescue plan.

Regrettably, there's but one conclusion. The junior senator from Illinois is a

Now I'm perfectly prepared to give the senator the benefit of the doubt on most of these items, if only he'd say he's changed his mind, or "misspoke", or give any other rational or logical explanation. But he can't bring himself to be forthright or humble enough to do that, apparently, and none of his bedazzled supporters seem inclined to worry about that character flaw at this late date. Furthermore, no one entrusted with media responsibilities seems to give a "fig", either. So we're likely in for another term of a US president being called a "liar". Better get used to it.

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