Monday, October 06, 2008

This is really troubling. Does anyone care?

On September 27 I posted on a bothersome, to me, quirk of Senator Obama's personality.

Today I ran into this and this, both [WARNING] very lengthy, thoughtful and in my view well-documented analyzes of what the senator allows to be seen of his public persona. The named examples of individuals virtually "worshiping" the senator, provided by Sam Vaknim, Phd, are eerie and creepy reminders of previous NPDs known through history and raise extremely worrisome issues. Is anyone still listening?

My conclusion? Senator Obama displays enough of the symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder for me to raise this question. Why should we not be concerned? What checks and balances do we have in place to prevent an NPD sufferer from assuming an elected public office? I can't think of any and I'm finally frightened. Can anyone clear this up for me?


Bill said...

I hate to say it but ALL politicians are Narcissistic. As for a more serious NPD I think the best example of this in a president was Kenedy and as far as presidents go he wasn't bad (from a Canadian perspective)

49erDweet said...

bill, It's not the Narcissism per se, because both of US have those traits, as well as what you correctly said about all politicians. It's the possibility of NPD that worries me. I'm hoping in the next four weeks he somehow proves me wrong.

In my lifetime I think FDR was an even better example. But Kennedy was certainly an apt example.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers