Monday, July 04, 2005

Bringing up the rear of the 4th of July Parade

Had forgotten just a little how smallish cities and towns and hamlets celebrate our glorious 'Fourth'. There must be a parade, and everything that isn't permanently painted must be Red, White and Blue.

Had a glorious time this morning in our state's first capitol's version of an annual display of hometown patriotism and pure corn. It was great. Truly rejuvenated the soul. And being unit #97 in a #99 unit parade (where the city streetsweeper is always relegated to be tail-end charley-for extremely good cause-means the wait was just that much more enjoyable. Drove a cart while about 20 kids marched. They had just as much fun as did I, it seemed, and were probably fresher when it was over.

Must make it a note to do this again. God bless America. Maybe the 'blues' aren't as bad as they seem. On days like this I can like them more. But they'll likely assume I'm "phobic" about something or other again in a day or two, and for that bit of logical laziness I'll revert back to calling them mentally disordered.

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