Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Breaking News: The Chemist is cleared - Bush implicated

Al Jazeera reports today that Egyptian agents - after an extremely thorough and comprehensive examination - have been able to determine the chemist orginally suspected of involvement in the London bombings is actually completely innocent.
"Egypt has said that a detained chemist wanted by Britain for questioning over the London bombings has no links to the attacks or to al-Qaida. Government spokesman Magdy Rady was quoted by Egypt's Middle East News agency as saying that a cabinet meeting on Tuesday reviewed an Interior Ministry report that "made clear that there is no link between Egyptian chemist Magdy El-Nashar with al-Qaida or the bombings".
Asked to explain the discrepancy created because exact traces of the explosives used in London were found in the drain assembly of Mr. El-Nashar's bathtub in Leeds, a spokesman for the Egyptian Securities Ministry stated, "We have no need to discuss that. Isn't Leeds north of London? Wasn't George Bush in Scotland when the bombings occurred? And isn't Scotland also north of London. Could not George Bush have had time to "plant" the explosive traces in Mr. El-Nashar's bathtub drain around the time of the bombing? What is there to prove or disprove? George Bush the Liar is the mastermind behind the bombings, and we will have three million witnesses saying that they saw him do it by this time tomorrow."

London authorities in Scotland Yard are now exploring various options as to just how they will be able to criminally charge George Bush for masterminding the bombings.


49erDweet said...

OK, the last two paragraphs are just spoofs -- but who knows how far the idiotfacists will try to twist this?

The Mayor said...

I could not have said it better myself

Fenris Badwulf

bob said...

Really? Not according to some loonie lefties I know.
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