Saturday, July 02, 2005

Statesman or Politician?

Only one glance is needed to take the full measure of Paul Martin, pm of the near north, if one reads all six points here from Canadi-anna. The shame of our northern cousins is that their msm and libbies know no shame. Stay in power by any trick possible! Canadian governments of the 21st Century shame her noble past. What has happened to her national psyche? One wonders when the formerly-courageous-but-now-sleeping canucks will finally awake?

Quite possibly not until after the Tories learn to keep their mouths shut around traitorous newshounds. Foot-in-mouth disease apparently comes to other species than four-legged.


The Mayor said...

It's a catch 22. The Tories have to say something about the issues of the day, and when they do the liberal media distorts it until it is turned against them.

How can the Tories stand a chance when the Lieberals throw 1 billion a year into the state run television?

49erDweet said...

Yeah, only by everybody calmly saying the same thing, the same way, with a consistent, repeated message may a group hope to overcome the "shotgunning" the ppp (present party in power) is using.

Oh, yeah, with the type of independent thinkers-doers making up the Tories, there's not a lot of chance of that happening.

One thing that really tees off the lll is to keep repeating, "The MSM are not doing their job - they are in bed with the libs" mantra. Eventually even the lethargic take note.