Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tube Terror III

SBC Yahoo News today provided this AP report that tends to confirm my earlier posts speculating on a smallish striker team, with possibly as few as four terrorists directly involved Looks like I was wrong about their home base, too. Leeds over London. But they were all seen together at King's Cross station just 20 minutes before the three blasts.

OK, I was also wrong about discovering who they are/were by one day. This is Tuesday - 5 days - not the four I predicted. And they really aren't 'pinched' yet, but if three of their four bodies are room temperature because of the blasts, we only need to be concerned with the last. Read this entire link from the BBC. Still and all good work by the lads and lassies of the Yard. Particularly since they had to go through at least 2500 video tapes.

And it's looking even more as if the bus blast occurred because #4 had been thwarted in boarding his assigned train only because his colleagues had succeeded in shutting down the entire tube operation before his train could arrive in station, but that - too - needs to be worked out.

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