Sunday, July 10, 2005

Tube Terror II

I extend my sympathy to Londoners over the increasing body count, up to 49 now, and to the considerable numbers of families still not knowing the whereabouts of loved ones/victims, ala 9/11. They have our prayers and best wishes. Note: in some posts the names and photos of those listed as missing seem to include many that could be Muslim.

OK, the timing of the tube blasts has been changed, and they are now considered to have gone off virtually simultaneously in three diverse underground locations, so either they were manually detonated or set-off by clock mechanisms. May be wrong, but due to the depths I'm ruling out remote-control bursts. This indicates pretty sophisticated coordination. Don't have enough data on the Piccadilly blast to know the actual BP, but if it was exterior of the coaches it could have involved a (former) employee (track worker - lots of them hired from poor neighborhoods). If not, we need to allow for one more wacko on the team.

The other two blasts could have been timed blasts set by one guy, or two. (Guy gets on carrying some bundles at one station before the car fills up, and sits down. One bundle is pushed somewhere under/alongside where it can't be easily seen. Guy gets off, and waits on platform for following train, gets on that one and stands/sits with remaining bundle for next blast. Or other variations.

More and more it looks like home-grown wackos. If that's the case, their photos are on thousands of CCTV tapes and it is only a matter of time. That is if they still exist, and have not assumed room temperature.

Re: the bus blast, that looks like it was a mistake, or possibly there are others that should have gone off, and didn't! Time will tell on this one, too. Have read comments from the driver of the bus, (a Pakastani?) who doesn't know why he wasn't killed. Think I nailed this in my earlier blog. The stairwell assembly - which is reinforced for the steps - shielded his back-side.

Still going with a smallish striker team and early apprehension. Clock is running and only time will tell. Could be wrong on both these speculations.

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