Friday, September 05, 2008

Initial thoughts on Sarah Palin

I like her. She gives me hope for the future of our country - and maybe even that of the republican party, though that's arguably not as important.

She reminds me of my two daughters. Tough, smart, feminine and flexible. I think if the three of them were ever stuck together in a room for 30 minutes they'd become friends, not that they'd agree on everything.

I think she has become a significant problem for the media. She boldly says she isn't running for office to be seek their approval. They, otoh, pretty uniformly let everyone know last week they considered her a lightweight and desperate choice from a weakened and fading politician. Now, to their chagrin, she turns out to be an articulate scrapper - somewhat akin to a pit bull with lipstick - and went right over the media's heads directly to 40 million or so potential voters with the result that a vast number of them join me in "loving" her. All this without the media's permission or approval. To them, its "unthinkable". <Sad shake of head>

Much lies ahead during the next two months for Governor Palin. She will have many chances to stumble, slip and fall - or to rise to new and glorious heights in the public's mind and eyes. I wish her well. I would suggest her detractors stick to the facts, though, and not the rumors. But wonkers will be snarky, and few looney liberals will be able to refrain from "trashing" [in their minds] a strong woman candidate who scares them stupid.

The Gap widens. What fun.

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