Saturday, September 06, 2008

On tossing out the good and keeping the bad

This post is mostly for my Canadian friends and their readers.

I don't know, guys, but you may be chucking out the baby with the bathwater. If this story in the WSJ is accurate Governor Palin might be a good option for you cousins. This:
"The producers warned they would not bid, nor would anyone else. Five groups submitted proposals. A few months before the legislature awarded its license to TransCanada [my emphasis] this July, Conoco and BP suddenly announced they'd be building their own pipeline with no state inducements whatsoever. They'd suddenly found the money".
certainly tends to indicate she's not a parochial right-wing America-first nutjob, as I think a couple of you might have implied, unless "TransCanada" is a US owned conglomerate. Instead I think she might be a politician with integrity. A very rare breed. Maybe even an endangered species, as it were. A type you should be eager to protect and conserve. [Sorry about that last word].

But many of you would rather keep "the One". The one who appeals to the masses. Who promises "change". Who has never actually done anything significant in his life. Who wants to give away his country in order to be liked by the "world". Who during the last year flipped his "positions" on virtually everything. And picked an old, white-guy fool of a politician to be his attack dog. And whose actual record has received less "media" probing in 20 months than Governor Palin's in 8 days. [bloggers not included].

Guys, I think you really like this other fellow more because to you he seems a little "French". Like wanting to surrender instead of fight. [OK, bad joke] And you live and work among the French, being Canadian, and some of their "frenchness" might have rubbed off on you a little. I can accept that.

The only thing is, that's not an "American" trait most US voters support. His own left-wing nutjobs [yes, he also has them] don't understand this because they don't really admire most "American" traits. They have so much self-loathing and hatred of their own ancestors swirling around that deep down in their minds they don't really know what they are. [Of course they are in no hurry to live somewhere else; to possibly be forced to live more uncomfortably]. Instead they scavenge around here to see what they can destroy from the inside. They - and the One - are the folk needing to be "chucked", imo, at least for now.

Unless something weird occurs I have two predicitions. 1. The poll numbers will slowly change against the One. 2. But because they are "polls" and won't really reflect what a vast majority of US voters are thinking [sorry, but that's true] the election will not be a close one. It will be a McClain landslide. And he's not even "my" candidate.

Unless she stubs her toe badly I believe Palin could be "my guy" in 2012. [Sorry, ladies, but you know what I mean]. Only time will tell.

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