Tuesday, September 09, 2008

One way to gain "experience"......

.......even though it might not be exactly what Senator Obama had in mind.

This post is not meant to be snarky or snide. But when one takes into account his entering the race when he did one has to admit the senator's EQ: [experience quotient] truly was on the lightweight side. Taking nothing from his affability, or his communication and reasoning skills, but being the candidate in a national presidential campaign is not really the same thing as running a business or being in an executive position in government. Its not, its not, its not. And now, post convention, possibly he's finally learning that and gaining some badly needed experience.

Most folks learn by the trial and error method. Oh, they might say they learn from the mistakes of others, but usually lessons learned from the "observation" method are lightly or imperfectly grasped. The school of hard knocks, however, has a better record of imparting lasting knowledge, in my view. The good senator is receiving some telling blows at this juncture of the campaign, and when all is said and done [and barring the total collapse of the Alaskan governor] if he reflects upon the outcome afterwards he could learn a very valuable life's lesson.

To put it simply, "When one is running for one position, never, never publicly compete against a person standing for another" In my view its too late even now for this screed to do him any good during this election cycle. There's too much already been said, and his creepy minions have taken it so far, so fast, so sleazily, that there's no chance this year for recovery. Imo. The American voters look for fairness - and seeing so little from his supporters and the media will do what they need to do in less than two months to nullify the "bully's". Period. Its over.

So my recommendation is for the senator to make lemonade out of this, and learn for the future. In many ways I like and respect the man. It would be really great if he'd mature some to the point where he'd keep his idealism but still gain some backbone and gravitas. If he becomes proud to be called an "American", and could learn to see solutions to public problems other than merely throwing money at them, I might be able to support him.

So I can hope his education and experience levels improve. But if he fails to learn from this - and take responsibility for his own actions and shortcomings - I will forlornly look for somebody else next time. Somebody a little more classy and a lot less experientially challenged.


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the WIZARD, fkap said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind and supportive words.

Your post here is excellent. We can raise the standard of the dialog in this country, if we refuse to fall victim to the slander, rumors and hate.

Thank you.