Friday, September 05, 2008

Weirdness, rudeness from the normally polite left

An online liberal friend has posted a couple of rants against Governor Palin. I'll not link to them because I thought the first was rude and uncaring, something with which he normally would not be associated, and the other was trite and irrelevant.

First was a photoshopped item concerning the pregnancy of daughter Bristol. In my view any person taking delight or claiming some type of snarky advantage because of the unwed pregnancy of a teenager is simply an idiot. Or maybe just another teen-ager. Since my friend is mature, and comes from a culture that claims to be more polite and caring than "us", I'll have to assume he somehow missed his morning coffee and posted the item without thinking the matter through.

His second item was an expression of a negative pov on Governor Palin, with three reasons noted, plus a round-up from of the various poll results on the upcoming election dated over the labor day week-end showing BHO with about an 8 point lead over JSMc.

His point seemed to be the poll results showed the election was over. Might as well mail it in. Two months before the actual election. Two days after the DNC in Denver and three days before the RNC in St. Paul. Well nothing was going to happen in the next few days to change those numbers, was there?

I couldn't believe how uninformed and judgmental my friend appeared to be. Of the three reasons he "couldn't stand" the governor the first was her stance on birth control, the second was because of her "abuse of power" and the third was because she was republican.

Well nothing will change the first or third, but I suspect there is more to the eye about the assumed "abuse of power" thing and I will post on that aspect later. I can only say for now that with an 80% approval rating in her home state this seems like one Governor who's used her "power" for the people, not personal gain. But time will tell.

So far I see nothing that challenges my conclusion that liberals are frightened to death of the governor. Fun, fun, fun.


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