Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The lengthy campaign is taking its toll - PPCS?

When the 2008 presidential election cycle is history and analysts have their final say, I believe one conclusion will stand above all others - it was way too long for mortal candidates to sustain.

My best example is this. Senator Obama is now - in September - almost certainly suffering from Post Primary Campaign Syndrome. Let me quote one of his questioning supporters:
But in Barack Obama we have one of the brightest and most thoughtful persons to ever seek the highest office in the land. More importantly he is pragmatic and is genuinely willing to consider all solutions to every problem. He will not be bound by partisan dogma. And, as a bonus, he is charismatic and a truly great leader.
Now let me ask the question. Is this the Barack Obama we've seen recently? Speaking of pigs, lipstick and stinking fishes? Does anyone else think he's somehow lost sight of the offensive and for some reason is now scurrying about looking for "defensive" positions?

I can't help thinking the uber-long primary season experiment might be the senator's ultimate undoing. He's been in combat mode s-o-o-o long he's becoming "rummy". This may end up only being a temporary condition, but its still interesting - at least to me. Since I became so mad at the "official" republican party [both the national version and in California] that I tuned out this election almost a year ago, and only recently awakened from my long slumber, I'm still fresh. But I suspect there are too many out there suffering from PPCS. Their publications, posts and comments refect it.

Its past time for some of them to chill a little and take time to visit a competent therapist.

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